Harrison Rimmer has just released his EP titled “C”. The singer-songwriter who has been performing solo for nearly five years now is based in York but originally from Fleetwood, England. Rimmer has supported a number of artists such as, Misty Miller, Marc Halls (from Fei Comodo), TIBET, Recruits, Vinnie and The Stars, Guy Jones, Izzy Thomas, Tom Williams (from Tom Williams and the Boat), Matt Henshaw, Huskies, Daniel Dobbs, AMiTY and A Jokers Rage.

For recording his EP, Rimmer worked in a number of different locations with a producer who has seen Rimmer develop into the artist he is today. Rimmer had been sitting on a lot of leftover material and decided to record it but then started writing a bunch of new songs and thought, “right I’m going to have to lay these down other wise I never will.” Rimmer recorded the EP in his flat and noted that “yes there was complaints”. Rimmer even played the drums himself for “C” which he claims was a “terrifying/exciting experience” as he “never played drums on my own releases”.

“Roots” occasionally veers into the grunge-rock territory with Rimmer’s overdubbed vocals and jagged guitar riffs. While “Before We Had to Grow” is almost the opposite of punk rock with a wah-wah guitar pedal that stabs and punctuates the beat, a style similar to the likes of Dave Matthews Band.

“Ripped Up Magazine” has a 90s Green Day (Time Of  Your  Life) feel about it much like “The Wayside” which has some smooth organ textures that glide over Rimmer’s low raspy sounding voice.“Scared” is an unplugged song that shows off Rimmer’s distinctive vocals while his acoustic plays a sweet-sounding rhythm.

One or two of the tracks sound a little bit samey in parts but Rimmer’s contemplative lyrics and edgy style shows plenty of promise. “C” is followed by a mini tour around the UK in April. Full dates for this tour can be found on Rimmer’s official Facebook page.

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