Founded in 2008, Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies are nothing if not well traveled. The Dublin based band play countless shows a year. Ranging all across Europe, and performing in an eclectic melange of folk clubs, festivals, cafes, bars and theatres. They have performed everywhere from Galway to New Zealand.

After the success of their previous releases, ‘Long Way to Be Free’ in 2009, and, ‘The Bones on Black’ in 2012. Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies are now set to release Their third studio album, “Bricks and Feathers” in April, and embark on a 100 date tour across Ireland and the UK.

‘There’s a River’ is the first offering from the forthcoming album.
The track has a bouncy rhythm that jovially glides along. A mellow guitar riff overlaid with a bouncy piano melody gives the verse a nice, mellow flow. The gentle verse contrasts nicely with the roguish rasps of the trumpet that butts in during the sing-along chorus to accentuate the tracks sunny optimism.

The vocals, courtesy of the titular Harry Bird, have a relaxed, easygoing quality and an almost wistful melody that melds beautifully with entire sound of ‘There’s a River’.

If you like your folk easy-going, characterful and above all cheerful, then this band of far-flung folksters will suit you down to the ground. ‘There’s a River’ is perfect Sunday afternoon listening, and (providing we actually get one this year) ideal summer listening.

Written by Kyle Mulholland