American rock veterans Heart have burst back onto the scene to unleash their latest record, Beautiful Broken. Featuring a fusion of original tunes and fresh takes on familiar tracks, it brings the band back to their roots while simultaneously exposing them to a whole new generation of music enthusiasts.

Heavy riffs arrest alongside penetrating percussion at the start of the album’s eponymous opening anthem before a volley of vigorous vocals glides in to grip in the verse. An onslaught of intense instrumentation steals the spotlight around the midway mark, making a powerful impact on the way to a colourful climactic chorus. “Two” tones things down then with gentle singing atop poignant pianos. The ambience remains emotional as the music and melody drift delicately forward, enthralling through to a light yet enlivening ending.

“Sweet Darlin’” stays serene next, showcasing cool keys and stirring strings underneath a remarkably resonant refrain. “I Jump” adopts an orchestral edge afterwards as delightfully dramatic music mesmerises amid a hard-hitting harmony. The result is a truly thrilling undertaking ahead of the ominous introduction of “Johnny Moon”. This solemn song exhibits a sobering sound that entices until the sonorous serenade of “Heaven” swoops in to excite beside instrumentation that builds bracingly.

“City’s Burning” follows as a fantastically fiery affair which rivets with its rousing refrain and invigorating guitars. “Down on Me” heads back in a direr direction when it’s done, displaying a sombre sensibility as it unfolds. The tender tone of “One Wood” relaxes in its wake, establishing a soothing atmosphere that lingers into “Language of Love.” The pleasant piece that ensues brings the compilation to a captivatingly calm conclusion.

Heart have delivered a diverse and endearing amalgamation of pop and rock that rests extremely easy on the ears. The superbly expressive execution and accessible style of each song is sure to satisfy a large listenership. Pre-order now on iTunes

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