The progressive rock Berkshire boys ,Jamie Postones, Al Heslop and John Hopkin, have dug deep into their imaginations and musical talent to produce some of their best work to date, from start to finish of this album, is very well done and thoroughly enjoyable.

The music will take you and your soul away from the toils and troubles of our mundane lives that we mere mortals subject ourselves to.

“Solar Bringer Of Chaos Lunar Bringer Of Light” is the one of the stand out tracks for me on this album. It is just such an alluring track that I got lost in and have played over and over again , watch the video on online to see for yourself.

Be prepared to be taken ,track by track to journey into the minds of Heights, across time and space and let yourself GO! Just sit back and relax and kick off your shoes, sink into your favorite chair ,turn off your phone and enjoy the Heights masterful musical creation.

This album for me is the Heights interpretation of life in the universe that we are born, we live, we work, we enjoy and inevitably we will die but it is not all about us , we are just part of a vast expanding space that is all around us, that we can’t control.

The artists show great passion for their craft by taking on the challenge of this album because of the enormity of the universe and when you buy this you will hear what I am trying to convey in my short piece.

I would like to thank Heights for all their hard work in writing playing mixing this sublime piece of music and hope to hear more from them sooner rather the later.

This is music that you will enjoy and listen to time and again.

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