After listening to Helena Johnson’s ‘Take Me Home Tonight’, I can say with confidence that it is quite simply a beautiful piece of music. Pulling you in from even the first piano chord, you’re immediately introduced to the impressive vocal talent that she has to offer.

A student at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, her voice is seemingly effortless as she glides through her latest offering, taking listeners with her through a perfectly crafted musical arrangement. Her stand-alone vocals with a piano accompaniment slowly build to a more ample sound so that a nice touch of drums and strings can be welcomed into the mix, and it works so so well. There’s also a short a cappella section with backing singers that further showcases how powerful Helena is as a vocalist, and definitely adds some extra brownie points to the arrangement of the song itself.

As she informs us that ‘In this life I have no regrets, so take me back to where we first met‘, you’re reminded that this superb offering is also here to tell a story, and with a combination of her own efforts and also the skilled band input, they’ve created a unique sound that does just that. I envisage Helena playing to packed out theatres with a full band to her side, a suits and long dresses affair with powerful performances and elegant hand gestures as she politely thanks the audience for their time. A definite one to watch for this year. Bravo.

Helena Johnson – Take Me Home Tonight released on March 25th

Written by Nicole Leggett