Soul singer Héllena originally resided in the Greek town of Elassona before relocating to Athens a decade ago to educate herself in the ways of piano playing. Within four years of the move, she was well engrossed in the task of composing her own unique material, leading to the creation of her 2010 self-titled EP.

By the end of 2011, she had emigrated to the UK to begin work on a full length follow-up with producer Stereo Mike. This set her on a path that saw her earn a place in the MTV Unsigned Top 20 and win six Gold Awards on BEAT100. Continuing her successful rise from here, she went on to appear on stage at SXSW in 2013 and hit the number one spot on ReverbNation’s soul/R’N’B chart in Britain the following year.

Not being content to take a break, the singer/songwriter followed this string of accomplishments by releasing the first single from her Body & Soul record. The song, entitled “Dream Big”, begins with a slow and steady beat before strolling into vivid vocals that carry plenty of passion and emotion. The instrumentation continues to grow in the background, becoming more characterful as the melodic nature of the refrain intensifies.

It all leads to a soft but spirited chorus, during which Héllena shows off the impressive full extent of her voice. This is followed by another cool and calm verse that once again steadily increases in feeling and fervour. It’s an absorbing R’N’B ballad that culminates in a final striking display of its artist’s adept vocal skills. If Héllena can continue to capitalise upon the sound and style set by “Dream Big”, then she surely has what it takes to break into mainstream and achieve pop stardom.

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