Northern Irish musicians Matt Irwin, Ethan Williamson and Martin Miller originally began belting out the tunes under the alias of Foreign Affairs NI before changing their title to Hello Casanova and embarking on a quest to conquer the crowds with their fantastically fervent variety of pop punk anthems.  Since then, the Armagh natives have lit up stages on both sides of the Atlantic and won acclaim from a number of national media outlets. Now they’re getting ready to unleash their latest single, “I’ll Be Waiting”.

The affable two and half minute track is introduced by an upbeat riff which establishes an amiable ambience ahead of the happy harmony of the first verse. The vibe remains vivacious as the music and melody trot cheerfully towards a short but sunny chorus at the end of the opening minute. Another infectiously optimistic stanza follows from here, enticing with its pleasant personality until a salvo of loud and lively riffs takes over to thrill on approach to the halfway point.

The whole thing eventually transitions into an exhibition of soft yet exciting instrumentation which passes the torch to a barrage of bracing vocals about two thirds of the way through. This sets the scene for one last enlivening onslaught of vigorous guitars and spirited singing.

The outcome is an incredibly catchy combination of pop and rock whose cordial character keeps it consistently compelling. Its friendly fusion of fetching refrains and merry music gives rise to an extremely accessible sound that’s well-suited to achieving chart success. You can download “I’ll Be Waiting” for yourself when it arrives on iTunes on November 18th.



Hello Casanova
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