Here Is Your Temple are a Swedish 5 piece band with Emily McWilliam on vocals, Andreas Hourdakis on guitar, Olle Nyman on drums, Ille Borg on bass and Mikael Svensson on keyboard duties. Since the release of their debut EP “So High” in 2013, they have enjoyed spot plays on BBC6 and have opened up for Imagine Dragons. Their newest single “Equivoke” is the first track to be revealed from their forthcoming album.

The song opens with a tribal sounding drumbeat, with the rest of the band joining in soon after. The song has a sort of melancholy synthpop feel, reminiscent of Chvrches. Vocally, McWilliam delivers a performance that wouldn’t sound out of place on an 80’s pop song. In parts, the vocals are double tracked, something that works incredibly well here. Lyrically, the band describe the song as “a celebration of everyday relations, nothing specific”. This is a bit of a shame, as the song could have benefited from more focused lyrics though it’s hard to deny that the lyrics are charmingly catchy in their own way.

All in all, this is a very solid release. Fans of moody, synth-based music will definitely enjoy this single. Though they can be compared to certain acts, they really have managed to create their own unique sound. If this is a sign of what to come off of the forthcoming album, the future is very bright for Here Is Your Temple.


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