The Floral Tapestry EP from High Mountain Bluebirds has me torn so much. Yes it has great potential but the lyrical arrangement really lets it down. Now it could just be my own personal preference but when listening to a record and trying to suss out any likes/dislikes, having lyrics that slot in nicely and fit well with the music will score you extra brownie points in my book.

You Can See The Light starts off really strong, with a steady beat and mixed guitars to ease a listener into the song (I even head bopped so they’re doing it right), but then the lyrics kick in and it all goes a bit downhill. It leans less in the direction of band and more towards an incomprehensible mumbling teenager. There’s a mid-song section where they attempt some oohs and aahs but that’s not really working for me either. I do however like the overall musicality, inclusive of brass family appearances and impressive guitar and drums combo efforts towards the end of the track.

Again, I love how Oriental Rug sets out, opening almost as if an angry mother pulled the switch on band practice after over-stepping a curfew, or even the sound of a video game being shut down for the night. The song re-boots with an uptempo intro that would stick in your head after a few listens. It’s an improvement on the first track and is definitely saved by how impressive the instrumentals are.

Poete Maudit kicks in and I’m starting to think maybe these guys are destined to be known as the band of good solid intros. My ears were loving the smooth guitar solo that layers up into statements of ‘Je pense que c’est vrai’ as well as further nice steady layered arrangements that really bring their stamp of psychedelic rock to the fore.

Bringing up the end of the EP is Conegliano, with of course another superbly crafted instrumental that swoops in and out on a repetitive loop. It also succeeds in giving off chilled vibes and a calming sense to the listener.  If you move swiftly past the lyrical offerings that I just completely gave up on and listen from about the 3.05 mark, you’re treated to such a commendable building instrumental that finishes the record on a high.

Floral Tapestry clearly showcases a talent but I just wasn’t feeling their attempts at adding lyrics. It damaged my enjoyment and the frustration niggled at the back of my mind while I tried to listen to all the tracks. They have a great thing going with regard to providing instrumentals but past that I can’t bring myself to complimenting their full song creations as a whole.

Written by Nicole Leggett