Five piece Post-hardcore ensemble High Rise wasted no time in making a name for themselves on the live scene following their formation in 2011. Within the first month of their career, they’d already garnered enough of a following to sell out a headlining event. By the time four months had passed, the South London natives had an impressive fifty shows under their belts.

Despite going on an indefinite hiatus in 2012, the band burst back into action in 2014, taking to the stage at venues the length and breadth of the UK. Now, as a new year begins, it’s full steam ahead as they prepare for the release of their debut EP, Tides Will Take You.

The compilation blasts off with adrenaline fuelled rock anthem, “Burdens”. Its heavy, piercing riff and wild, maniacal vocals ooze energy and enthusiasm. The intensity shows no signs of relenting as “Memories” fades in expectantly. Aggressive guitars and pounding percussion explode into chaotic vocals that ease up for a melodic chorus.

“Tides Will Take Us” is a complete departure. Mellow acoustic instrumentation drifts into a distant yet assertive harmony, acting as an ambient interlude. “Brotherhood” returns to form, erupting into ferocious vocals and fierce guitars and drums. It’s a vigorous metal epic that cuts deep, delivering a dramatic conclusion.

High Rise’s work showcases a classic post-hardcore spirit that’s packed full of passion and vigour. Their raw, expressive sound pulls no punches, making for an engrossing listen. Tides Will Take You will be available for download from iTunes on March 9th. Until then, check out Facebook and Twitter to discover where you can catch the band live.

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