Reluctant Devotion

A roar emerges within a mile-second of hitting the play button that demands your attention from the get go. The band is High Signs and it becomes immediately clear that this is a band that has something to get off their chest.

The single is named ‘A Much Larger Ocean’ and it is a snappy alternative/punk infused eruption that spares little time for delicacy. High Signs instead propels towards self hopefulness with a ferocity that is commendable whilst also maneuvering between apprehension and full on commitment which is what every good punk song requires.

(photo by J. McMurtrie)

Controlled Chaos

Similarly to the bands album cover art (see below), this single provides an atmosphere of controlled chaos that you cannot help but stand and observe in curiosity. Sam Burton provides intense vocals with solid guitar overlay that is sharp, punchy and to the point. Rich Tailor represents the High Signs other half with consistent speed drumming and effective backing vocals that elevate the already intriguing single.

The sound mixing deflates the overall experience slightly but not jarringly. There is enjoyment to be had here with the band obviously having a blast. The running time for this single is short, finishing at around the two and a half minute mark which left me wanting just a little more or at the very least an immediate replay.

Cover painting by Sam Hargrove.

In a similar vein to the fantastic Dropkick Murphy’s, this Toronto based duo have recorded a solid attention grabbing single. A single with energized verses containing lyrics like “Keeping tabs on myself with reluctant devotion” which belt across your eardrums. Does it contain flaws? yes, but i look forward to exploring the parts that work.

The single will feature in the bands forthcoming album , If So,Then What?, due to be released later this summer.