Books bring us to the places that we wish we could go in real life. They bring us from one place to another without having to leave the room. But for me what books really bring to life is the past, they add colour and excitement to history. This is why I will be recommending three of my favourite historical fiction books.


Sovay by Celia Rees

Set in Eighteenth Century England, this is a book full of misadventure and excitement. Sovay, a young girl, dresses as a highwayman in order to test the man who says he loves her. When things do not go the way that she had hoped she is forced to make a decision. But loving the thrill and excitement of a dangerous life as a criminal, what is it that Sovay will do?

This book is entertaining and brings to life so many events in history that I love to read about. With a strong female lead and a plot that will keep you hooked this is one that is not to be missed.


The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

As this was recently made into a very successful movie, many people may know what this is already about. This book is set in Germany during the Second World War. It follows a young girl called Liesel who moves in with her new foster family who are hiding a very dangerous secret. Living life in this difficult time is no easy task – but can joy still be found in the small and simple things?

This book is one that is guaranteed to bring out tears. There is family, loyalty, tragedy and love all presented in a very unusual way as the book is narrated by Death. Death is personified and tells the story as he sees it happening every time that he visits Liesel or the surrounding people. This is a book that will pull on many a heartstring.


The Secret Countess by Eva Ibbotson

In the early Twentieth Century in Russia lives a young countess Anna. She has lived in luxury her entire life. Disaster strikes with the Russian revolution and Anna and her family are forced to move to London. Now working as a servant and keeping her identity secret Anna must try and survive but when she begins to fall for one of her new employers things become much more complicated.

This is a classic love story set in a beautiful but dangerous time. There isn’t much that is unexpected here but the story is just beautiful.


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