Players are invited to join in on Agent 47’s first mission of the new Hitman game this weekend.

The beta is scheduled to start at 17:00 CET on Friday 19th and end on 17:00 CET on Monday 22nd February.

The beta is supposed to be a prologue to the game taking place twenty years before the Paris mission.

The mission is set in a secret International Contract Agency (ICA) training facility where players will traverse Agent 47’s first time in the ICA where he is introduced to the world of assassins. Agent 47 also meets his future handler Diana Burnwood for the first time.

The beta features two training hits that allows players to get a taste of the new games mechanics and new features.

The first mission takes place on a boat where Agent 47 must infiltrate the boat through the games open-ended mission formulas that allow players to be creative.

The beta also contains more than 50 challenges which will keep Hitman fans busy for a while at least.

The beta will also be incorporated into the game as the “prologue” when it is released March 11th, 2016.

If you want to gain access to the PC beta you must have pre-ordered the game digitally on Steam.  HITMAN will launch on the 11th of March for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

All pre-orders will come with the ‘classic’ requiem pack which includes exclusive in game content inspired by and for Hitman. This includes Blood Money including the Requiem Legacy white suit, Blood Money shirt, tie and gloves, silenced ICA-19 chrome and white rubber duck explosive.


The game will also release with a special edition. This will cost €169.99 ( includes items that the public voted on.

  • This includes a digital download of the game
  • 10” Agent 47 “Chessmaster” statue
  • A hardcover 60-page art book curated by Art Director, Jonathon Rowe
  • Agent 47 iconic red tie and clip set
  • Premium collector’s edition packaging

7242702015482.71.1dc79b7d9e7a943079278ec20fc96d25Playstation 4 users already had a chance to experience the beta during the Valentine weekend.