After years of gigging alongside the best that Ireland had to offer and becoming a staple in the Irish comedy scene, Colum Tyrrell set his sights on the bright lights of America and has since been making a name for himself in comedy clubs all across New York.

Off the back of a brilliantly received Edinburgh run of his delightfully named Hookers & Blow Show, he is taking to the stage of Whelan’s this coming Friday to amuse, offend and disgust his fellow countrymen once again in what promises to be a must-see performance.


So what on earth could your “Hookers and Blow” show be about? 

Hookers & Blow! And lots of other things. Sex mostly.

You’ve just finished a run in Edinburgh and did the Electric Picnic too.  How were they?

Edinburgh was good, the feedback and the reviews were great but it’s a very long month. Everyone leaves feeling like they were at war.  Electric Picnic was amazing though!  It was my first time playing the festival and I’m glad the audience I got were up for the craic.

People can/do say that your material is controversial. Do you agree?

By their standards probably, but they’re only jokes.  Idiots make it more of a deal than it is.

Is there anything you won’t joke about?

No. The only reason I don’t joke about politics is because I don’t know anything about politics.

What offends you? 

Boring comedy offends me. No one gives a fuck that you remember playing Snake on your Nokia 3210.

Whats the best thing about living and gigging in the USA?

The competition is fierce so it brings out the best in every comedian there.

And the worst?

Living with Americans hurts the soul.

Who in your mind is a) the greatest comedian alive b) the greatest comedian ever?

a) Doug Stanhope b) Richard Pryor

Who do you think is a) the worst comedian alive and b) worst comedian ever? 

a) Your mom b) Your mom

Whats the funniest word in the world?


Tell us about your best show ever? Where was it and why was it so good?

That’d be the Vodafone Comedy Festival at Iveagh Gardens back in 2014. There was a model in the crowd and she fucked me that night. I don’t remember if the gig was good or not. Got to fuck a model though.

And the worst?

I once played a ‘festival’ in Naas. During the night the ‘comedy stage’ blew down but the gig went ahead regardless. It was pissing rain and i had to do my set, just me and a microphone, while the organizer held an umbrella over my head. My only audience were people in their cars stuck in traffic. Most if the time they heard the set up of the joke but drove off before I got to the punchline. It was terrible. 

Trump or Clinton?

Who gives a fuck?! We’re all going to die regardless. 

Cheery.  What is the secret to a good joke?

If i knew that I’d be famous.

Would you rather be respected by the audience or your peers?

Peers every time. Most audiences are fucking idiots.

Do you read your own press? How to do react to good/bad reviews?

Yeah, I read it. I try not to let it effect me either way. Most reviewers are idiots too. But you can use the good ones to sells tickets, even if that person is an idiot. 

What is your most controversial belief?

Mandatory euthanasia at 70 years old.

Interesting.  What one thing would you change about your life?

I wish i had a smaller cock. The back pain is killing me. 

What’s next for you?

Whelan’s Sept 16th. Then back to New York to scrub toilets. 

Can I be your friend?


Colum Tyrrell plays Whelan’s this Friday (16th of September).  Door are at 8pm, show begins at 8:45.  Tickets are available from here and are priced at €12. 

For a chance to win a pair of tickets, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages and/or email with your name and contact number.  Be sure to put “Hookers & Blow” in the subject field

Winners will be picked at random and notified before 3pm on Thursday 15th