Hotel on Mars is a Dublin based five piece rock band who have just released their debut album ‘Don’t feel like daylight’. To coincide with the release of their single ‘Everybody js a DJ’ the band play a FREE gig at The Wiley Fox on 12th August. I checked in with the lads for a quick Q&A ahead of the gig.

Hotel on MarsHow long have you played together?

This particular line up has been together for over a year , however both myself and Graham Keogh have been in and out of bands together for over 15 years it’s the same story with Dan and Niall. Marcin tends to play with himself (he comes from Poland)

For those of us who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe it?

Our music is an amalgamation of all our record collections so although you may think you have heard it before you are actually listening to the future.

Where did the name Hotel on Mars from?

It is a lyric from the very 1st song that Graham and I wrote when we were in a band called “Caterpillar Jones” which went:

In a hotel up in mars
We were looking at the stars
And we held each other close until the morning
You were sweet, you were wild
We decide to have a child
And we call him Caterpillar Jones

You play The Wiley Fox on Fri August 12th to launch your upcoming single, can you tell us a little about that?

“Everybody is a DJ” has had over 2 million hits on sound cloud to date; this week is was the number 1 most played rock track (beating Coldplay) in the world. We are currently played on rotation on over 20 American radio stations yet have not had 1 single festival appearance in Ireland or any National Irish radio play. In order to avoid the usual route of gigging with promoters (self promoters as I call them) we decided to put on our own show on our own terms but more importantly this gig is a thank you to everyone who has helped us to get where we are so it will be a party and a night to remember.

Your latest album ‘Don’t Feel like Daylight’ is available now, where can we get our hands on that?

Don’t Feel like Daylight is available on iTunes, Spotify and every major electronic music store**the limited Vinyl edition is only available at our live shows**

How can people get tickets for the gig on 12th Aug?

This gig is a thank you so it’s Free, doors open @ 8pm with the brilliant Harry Hoban and the Brothers Kane starting proceedings and then we come on and steal their glory

Great stuff! I look forward to seeing you!
And you can also catch the guys at The Wiley Fox 12th August. Find out more at or Facebook; Hotel on Mars.

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