In March of 2014, four individuals from the Dublin suburb of Tallaght assembled to form a new and exciting alternative act named Houdini. On December 18th, that foursome – made up of vocalist/guitarist Aaron Crawley, bassist/vocalist Shane Crawley, keyboard player/vocalist Ian Cullen and drummer Ciaran Higgins – dropped their first EP. Featuring four tracks, it’s an exhilarating and unique debut.

Opener “Friendly Fires” erupts with a striking synth effect that comes in waves across exuberant guitars. There’s a lot going on musically, making for quite a hectic composition. The vocals are crisp and clear, working well with the instrumentation and demonstrating an impressive range. It’s a melodic and smooth flowing piece in its entirety.

The solemn keys that open “Colder” heighten anticipation for the approaching verse. Vocals and instruments continue to build as the pensiveness gradually transitions towards a more optimistic tone. The compelling chorus stirs up emotion and sounds huge. It all eventually leads to an epic and vociferous resolution, cementing this as the EP’s crowning achievement.

An aloof synth introduction guides “Hold Your Own” into fast paced music amid passionate vocals. The nod along beat and enthusiastic tune draws you in and captivates you, making it a very radio friendly anthem.

“Nothing Here” heralds the beginning of the end with serious sounding keys. Emphatic vocals add to the sense of urgency during the rhapsodic chorus. It’s a song to which it is easy to lose oneself, finally fading out to lingering synths and keys.

Houdini’s effort here is excellently arranged and produced. They have constructed four forceful tracks that are akin to arena rock anthems. The execution of each of their respective talents is rife with zeal and ebullience. It’s a vigorous debut that definitely warrants investigation.

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