Handclap loops are always going to make you feel good. That’s how I Am Niamh’s new single comes into the world. The song is quirky and pretty, and it’s hard not to think of Kate Bush and her ilk. Not a bad thing I suppose.

Classically trained multi-instrumentalist Niamh Parkinson uses her training and talent to add substance to the whimsy in the form of beautiful strings and layered vocals. Her lyrics “you burn like a black piece of toast” made me smile, possibly the only time I’ve ever smiled about burned toast.

This single is from the Dubliner’s debut album “Wonderland”, released last year to great reviews from Hot Press, 2FM, and our very own Dave Simpson.

The outro goes on a little too long but I suppose that’s the same as saying you wouldn’t love to be rolling around in a giant bouncy castle of candy floss. Another actually interesting artist from Dublin. Go Niamh.

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