I Am Niamh is the name under which Irish singer/songwriter Niamh Parkinson releases her rather unique and characterful solo creations. Delivering her eponymous EP in January of 2013, the musician has received quite a bit of media attention, being featured on radio stations such as RTE’s Lyric FM and Radio 1.

She’s also very active on the live scene, touring around Ireland, the UK and the US, as well as having filled supporting slots for fellow artist Elenor McEvoy. She’s no stranger to the stage at some of her homeland’s most renowned festivals either. Last summer alone saw her conquering Fringe, Body and Soul, Life and Electric Picnic.

Right now though, Parkinson’s priority is the promotion of her forthcoming album, Wonderland. Due to drop in its entirety on May 5th, she has recently released its title track as a single to give listeners a taste of what’s to come.

It begins by diving straight into piercing vocals ahead of persistent piano keys that progress throughout the high-pitched harmony of the opening verse. A background chant and striking strings soon begin to ring out and ensure that things remain loud and hectic. Moving along at a steady pace, the piece exhibits characteristics of several genres, with elements of pop, opera, trad and folk all prevalent via the multitude of musical motifs that are simultaneously at play.

Parkinson’s voice demonstrates a wide range as the track unfolds, working with the dramatic instrumentation to cut through the senses. There’s a lot going on here, allowing it to seem quite theatrical in nature. While it runs the risk of being a little abrasive and discordant at times, its quirky execution is consistently intriguing. If the rest of the record is as ambitious as this, it should make for an interesting listen.

I Am Niamh can next be seen live at The Mezz in Temple Bar at 9pm on April 27th, with the Wonderland launch show set to follow at the Freemason’s Hall on Dublin’s Molesworth Street at 7.30 on May 9th. In the meantime, the album is available for preorder on iTunes now.

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