Swedish Indie band “I Am Panda” formed in 2009. The four-piece band consists of Oscar Gustafsson, Denniz Thörnquist, Olof Johnson and Victor Lange.

Their latest single “I Wanna Get Out” is a polished Indie tune with an ultra-catchy guitar riff and chorus. “I Wanna Get Out” is 3 and half minutes of sprightly guitars, heavy drums and anthemic vocals. The track uses cutoff chords while the creative drumming employs brief pauses throughout. In the opening, the throbbing bass takes precedence over the guitars. The guitar riff and lyrics are so simple but so catchy and recognisable. “I Wanna Get Out” is a trippy bundle of playful ideas.

You cannot help but fall in love with this ambitious, creative band. An awesome slice of psychedelic Indie rock. I Am Panda have a cutting edge sound that is so refreshing, rocking and danceable simultaneously.

Other songs of theirs that are certainly worth a listen are “Peppermint Pills” and “Pink Wooden Walls“. The groove on these songs penetrates the ears forcing an approving head nod. You can listen to “I Wanna Get Out” and check out some of I Am Panda’s other tunes on Soundcloud.