Californian pop ensemble I, Us & We first came into existence in 2014 after being conceived by brothers Jordan, Evan and Aaron Doverspike. The three siblings, who label their work as “clean and unadulterated”, went on to put together their debut EP in their home studio, recruiting Chad Marshman for production duties. This led to the creation of four track record, Mono, which is due for release on April 6th.

Beginning with the dramatic instrumentation of “Lantern”, the proceedings immediately generate a theatrical atmosphere. The opening number is extremely animated, featuring plenty of electronics and guitars at play amongst its solemn vocals. There’s quite a darkness about the piece as it burns slowly but steadily along. This, combined with its busy nature, gives the compilation a striking start.

“Sunday” follows with a transient introduction ahead of a verse that’s brought to life by a high pitched harmony atop sparse synths and percussion. The chorus raises the tempo while maintaining an otherworldly ambience, solidifying the whole thing as a light and breezy psychedelic composition.

Foreboding bells preface a heavy bass effect that persists through the gradually developing verse of “Free”. This is a track that takes its time, beginning hushed and expanding as it progresses without ever becoming too taxing on the senses. “Alive” glides out of its wake on some ominous instrumental work that proceeds to build alongside a reserved melody. It serves as a finale that feels heavy despite its restrained execution.

I, Us & We have adopted a progressive style of pop that’s infused with a strong electronic flavour. Mono EP doesn’t rush to the finish line, giving off a pleasant sound as it unfolds at a leisurely pace. It’s a piece of work which creates the impression that a lot of thought and care went into its construction, making for an easy listen.

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