English artist Ilana J. originally coasted into the public consciousness two years ago when she released her wonderfully rousing Free Falling from the Ground Up EP to a warm reception in the UK. Since then, she’s sailed from success to success, mesmerising the masses at a multitude of venues throughout Britain with her brilliantly upbeat brand of poetic pop music while continuing to write and record new material.

In the last five months alone, she’s unleashed three entrancing singles, the first of which caused quite a stir when it was showcased by DJ Melitta Dennett on the BBC Introducing South radio show in the spring. Entitled “Sweetest Part”, the intoxicatingly cool composition was succeeded by the equally engrossing “Ride Like This” in early April before the Birmingham based singer unveiled her latest track, “Full Attention”.

Opening with an alluringly laid-back beat, the affecting four minute offering proceeds to impress with a superbly slick serenade in the vivifying first verse. This paves the path to a spectacularly atmospheric chorus, during which the vocals grow more vibrant while the instrumentation adopts an endearing electronic edge in the background. The rhythm becomes increasingly speedy moving forward from here, giving rise to a remarkably riveting second stanza ahead of a hushed yet hauntingly heartfelt vocal breakdown that sets the scene for an absolutely enlivening final refrain.

The outcome is a fantastically funky fusion of electro, pop and R ‘N’ B that manages to sound innovative and fresh while also feeling like a very natural evolution of Ilana’s previous releases. Its irresistibly absorbing blend of soft yet expressive singing and chilled-out but thrilling instrumentation is easily as good as anything you’re likely to hear on the radio at the moment. Be sure to investigate “Full Attention” for yourself on iTunes now.

Ilana J: Full Attention single review
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