The last few years have certainly been fruitful for Nevada natives Imagine Dragons. After impressing pundits and public alike with their inaugural album, Night Visions, in 2012, the revered alt-rockers proceeded to score an assortment of esteemed accolades in the states, including two American Music Awards and a Grammy, before topping the charts again with their engrossing sophomore record, Smoke + Mirrors, in the spring of 2015.

Now they’re back brandishing a brand new compilation called Evolve. Featuring eleven enlivening electro-infused anthems for devotees to devour, the highly anticipated third album from the band begins with the brilliantly bracing synths and wonderfully raw refrain of “I Don’t Know Why”. The rhythm remains riveting as the music and melody pace purposefully forward, increasing continuously in vigour and vibrancy until “Whatever It Takes” swoops in to steal the spotlight with its enticingly urgent electronics and fantastically fiery singing.

“Believer” is another captivatingly canorous and characterful composition next that exhibits a buoyant beat as it bounces breezily towards the enthrallingly tranquil yet thrilling “Walking the Wire”. “Rise Up” is extremely affecting afterwards, entrancing with its soft stanzas and commanding choruses ahead of the hushed but haunting harmonies and intoxicatingly atmospheric instrumental elements that breathe life into “I’ll Make It Up to You”. This is succeeded by the absorbingly eccentric “Yesterday”, which stays superbly idiosyncratic as it sets the scene for the remarkably resonant serenade and synths that make up “Mouth of the River”.

The exceptionally soothing “Thunder” follows from here, drifting gently across the senses on the way to the equally restful refrain and merry musical motifs of “Start Over”. “Dancing In the Air” maintains an endearingly delicate ambience in its wake, mollifying with its mellow melody and amiable music as it escorts the record to a terrifically tranquil terminus.

Imagine Dragons have delivered a delightfully dynamic and genial electro-rock affair here that couldn’t really rest any easier on the ears. Its astoundingly effective fusion of friendly but forceful vocals and magnificently affable instrumentation is guaranteed to grip a vast and varied listenership. Head on over to iTunes to investigate Evolve for yourself now.

Imagine Dragons: Evolve album review

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