Indie game Firewatch to be developed into a movie

When it was released earlier this year, Firewatch was somewhat of an oddity in the modern video game scene. Featuring no guns, no combat and a uniquely eery art style – the first person mystery game ended up being one of the surprise hits of the year.

However, as previously stated on PureM, when it comes to video games being (successfully) adapted to the big screen, it has very much been a case of swing and a miss. Yet, indie game company Campo Santo alongside indie studio Good Universe and signed an agreement to develop content for both the big screen and its video game series. As odd as it sounds, this may be the start of a beautiful friendship between the two indie darlings as Good Universe’s back catalogue features Bad Neighbours and the smash-hit This Is The End.

The game itself received critical acclaim for its tense atmosphere throughout the game, as the player attempts to piece together clues in the remote, claustrophobic surrounds of a Wyoming forest, all the while being watched from the distance by an unknown figure.

Good Universe co-founder Joe Drake went on to say; “Finding extraordinary content is incredibly exciting, and with the Campo Santo team, we felt an immediate simpatico with their utterly beguiling storytelling and amazing creative instincts…”. It’s still early days yet, so no word on casting, release date or director being attached to Firewatch any time soon.