Red Moon Bayonets are no strangers to Pure M having won Best EP at last years Pure M Music Awards. On Saturday, August 6 – the Dublin based four piece alt rockers hosted a launch for their latest single ‘Bayonets’ at The Workman’s Club, Dublin.

Redmoon Bayonets

The show opened with support from singer song-writer Butterfly Cloud Club followed by rock duo Vulpynes. Both fantastic and very different acts, they set the standards for the night ahead.

With the crowd well warmed up Red Moon Bayonets took to the stage and thrilled their waiting crowd with a rendition of the song their fans were all there to hear ‘Bayonets’ along with songs old and new.

Although it was a short set, the guys put on a great show and I was happy to hear new and old material. There was so much energy involved with the performance and the band interacted well with the audience.

The music was a treat, rock with bluesy vibes, I went to the gig with an open mind and I have to say I was more than impressed with their sound.

The guys were confident in their act and frontman Vinnie Flynn was in control of his performance and comfortable with the crowd too. After a quick break to catch their breath, I caught up with Vinnie and the rest of the band for a chat.

Great gig tonight, thanks for having me along.
We are of course here to celebrate the launch of your new single ‘Bayonets’, how did the gig come about?

We looked at a few venues but we all decided the Workman’s was the right place for us, we’ve played there a couple of times over the last 3 months between a great night called Gigonometry and then we supported the Shoos there last May. The sound in the Workman’s is amazing and we are very much a live band. The sound in a venue is very important to us as it should be for all bands, Nothing is worse than being let down by a bad PA system or a poor mix, This won’t happen in the Workman’s Club. The single is defiantly our slowest song but it’s got a lot of moody dark vibes which suits us. We we’re so lucky to have amazing support acts on the night like Butter Cloud Club and Vulpynes who are really ones to watch We’ve seen them 3 times now and they always blow us away!

You played a mix of old and new material, do you find it important to give fans a taste of everything you have on offer? I know, for me as a first timer to your gig it was great to hear what I was missing and what I can look forward to hearing.

We try very hard on having a wide variety of songs in our set, We don’t necessarily put old songs in the set unless they can really add to it, We have dropped a few songs as we like to keep the set interesting and mix it up from time to time. I wrote our single ‘Bayonets’ 8 years ago and only started working on it with the band last year. After we all add our parts an old song can take a new lease of life sometimes. In my eyes the band has really only been going for the past 16 months. When myself James, Dan, Dave started playing as a band last year we knew something great was going to come of it.

The last time we met was at last years Pure M awards where the band won the award for best EP, how does it feel to have our panel recognise your music in such a way?

The Pure M awards were fantastic, We had no idea we’d win best EP but it really felt like our hard work paid off when we did. It was a big deal for us and we keep the award hanging up on our studio wall. The Pure M writers are always spot on and we appreciate what you guys are doing.

Have you found it difficult in Ireland to get airplay and promotion for your music?

It can be difficult but we have been fortunate enough to have some radio play on 2fm with Dan Hegarty from time to time and a couple of TV appearances but it can be a full time job so you need to keep on peoples backs and follow up with every e-mail. It’s tough when you already have a full time job but we love it!

The gig tonight was fantastic, for those of us who wish to see more of you, where can we catch the band live again?

Thanks Rose, We have a few bits coming up after August. We have a few holidays inside the band coming up also .We are playing a big festival in September but we can’t announce that yet I’m afraid, We’ll let you know in two weeks.

With the single launch out of the way, what’s next for the band?

We are going to focus on getting into some of the bigger festivals, We are itching to get back to the studio as we have a heap of new songs we are really excited about! We have worked pretty hard on getting our live sound perfected so we are in contact with a few promoters in London as we want to do a small tour outside of Ireland after the summer.

I look forward to catching you guys again and best of luck with everything….

For more information on Red Moon Bayonets check out , Facebook and Twitter. ‘Bayonets’ is available for download now on iTunes & Spotify!

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