The Flaws play Odessa Club, Dame Court this Thursday, June 18. Tickets are priced at €8.

We caught up with The Flaws ahead of their Odessa show for a quick Q&A…


Tell me a little bit about The Flaws

We are an alternate gloompop indie take on the regular rock outfit. Originally we all met in school and over the years, members have dispersed as we divided up our plunder. New friends come and play with us when they can / want to.

Reaction to Springtime for The Flaws has been extremely positive – could you tell me a bit about the album, how did it all come together? 

The album began as a series of acoustic demos for what may have been a different album altogether. As the demos progressed it felt natural to add more percussion and instrumentation to the tracks and soon we found ourselves sitting on a healthy baby album. We breast fed it publicly around the country and reaction was positive, so we figured we should release it.

What’s your favorite track off the album?

“Water Riots” may be one of the older songs on the record, and would quite possibly be my most please, sometimes words lock into your conscious and without realizing it it’s a song that you’ve been writing for years but never gave it a name or a rhythm and yet, there it is. Out there.

Do you feel your sound/style has changed or evolved since your last album? How would you describe your sound?

Two guitars intrinsically tied, Bass and Drums, this the fundamental instruments, but we try to sound like no one and in doing so I’m sure we sound like lots of people, who are also trying to sound like no one. With each album we have brought in new instruments and we’ve never been tied directly to a “sound”. Whatever works for the song and is within our musical capabilities appears to determine what we sound like.

Who came up with the artwork concept for the album? Who’s the dog? 

We had an entirely different album artwork concept. More than likely it was going to be some kind of collage or something, but in February 2015, whilst watching a film, a strange and other worldly fog began seeping under the door of the house, intrigued, I walked outside to investigate. I was called in the direction of my dog ‘Laika’ whom yelped ever so angelically. I took my camera and ‘Laika’ began to sit almost as if he had called me there for this singular purpose. I took 7 or 8 shots and then almost as quickly as the fog had appeared, it dispersed. Laika ran to me and said “don’t thank me”. I sent the photo to a few friends and they all figured it was cool and we decided to use it for the artwork.

Laika is doing well; the recent fame hasn’t gone to his head.


How is touring going? You’re playing an intimate gig at Odessa June 18th and then you’re off to Indiependence Festival soon after. Are you looking forward to these gigs?

The Odessa show will be great, we have support on the night from the fantastic Red Temple, also from Carrickmacross, and we will have CD’s and digital downloads galore. And it’s been a few years since we last played Indiependence and that too will be a great experience.

Musically, who are The Flaws influenced by?

I used to say we were influenced by The Smiths, The Cure, Interpol and bands of that ilk. But they certainly influence our guitar sound somewhat.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

Another single, video and see what the tea leaves say and then do the opposite.

What bands/artists are you listening to lately?

J Dilla – Donuts, Karen Dalton – In My Own Time , The Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World, Feist – Metals, David Holmes – Come Get it, I Got It. HamsandwicH – Stories from the Surface

What’s been your favorite gig you’ve played so far? 

We’ve played some great shows, but to name one would do a disservice to someon. Personally we played a really cool show in Whelans last year. It’s nice to go back there and hopefully people enjoy it.

If you could collaborate with any band/artist in the world, who would you chose?

Elvis backed by Motley Crue, I’d love to be part of that nightmare.

Anything else you would like to say?

I hope you’re happy with the mess we’ve made.

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