Collides are an alt-rock trio from Waterford, with psychedelic and garage rock influences. Having recorded some demos and gig footage, the band are now setting their sights on recording an EP in the near future.

Demo recording ‘No Way Out’ is a sleazy number, with a punk guitar sound and fuzzy bass. The vocalist is very charismatic, variously shouting, singing and snarling, calling to mind punk vocalists such as Jello Biafra and Johnny Rotten.

‘All The Time’ is a more melodic affair, with a conventional vocal approach and a catchy riff. While the band shows energy and enthusiasm on these offerings, the production value here is minimal, making it at times difficult to get a well-rounded view of the band’s style. Some studio time and professionally recorded tracks would not go astray.

The band’s live footage shows more promise, and more depth. Putting the sound quality aside, ‘Land Ho’ is a great track, displaying elements of post rock and some psychedelia, building into a heavy chorus. The lead guitar sound is impressive here, maintaining its blues and early punk sound on an altogether more spacey and dreamy piece.

A band not short of energy or enthusiasm, Collides are an interesting live prospect and quite possibly have some decent songs. I am interested to hear how their EP shapes up and to see which songs they choose to include.

Collides are currently playing nationally, so look out for them in a venue near you soon.

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