Even in Arcadia are a band from Glasgow formed in 2014. The band is a fresh bolt out of the blue, from the land that gave us the Hurricanes, Deacon Blue, Primal Scream, Texas and Travis. I would like to say they have done it again!  One of the newest and most promising bands I have ever had the pleasure to hear is Even in Arcadia.

The Line up includes: Vocals – Hazel Gore, Guitar – Christopher Garvin, Bass – Chris Gore, Drums – Blair Martin

The band describes themselves as:

“Intricate guitars, thought provoking lyrics, powerful female vocals and a hard hitting rhythm section blend together to give a distinguished sound.”

Most times I would just read this and say it was okay but this is a band who like to have fun and enjoy themselves while they play. They list their Interests as “Magic, chasing butterflies, choreography, beers and gin.” Finally – a band who tells the truth!

Lead singer Hazel Gore has demonstrated such a wide and varied range in her voice in just four songs. The haunting husky tones of her voice, that you will hear in the song City in the Dark (live @ Bloc) will capture your mind and entice you to hear more and more.

Despite the band only being together a very short time they have being receiving the airplay of a seasoned pro band on the underground scene in Glasgow, London, South Africa and across the other side of the planet to New York.

The music the band have produced so far is some of the most diverse, rough and ready pure rock that I have ever heard and will not disappoint.  I have to say I was a bit apprehensive at first, but when I heard Hazel Gore belt out at the top of her voice – I was hooked. The guys in the band are also very handy to have around too, and they work very well together. The smooth bass & drum beat, that Chris Gore and Blair Martin put down is a superb foundation for their songs and mash extremely well with the masterful guitar playing of Christopher Garvin.

Hazel is the heart,  and the three guys are the soul. Make time to hear and enjoy their new EP and if you get a chance try catch them on their UK tour this year.