On first glance at Lost In Caravaggio’s newly established Twitter profile, their location remains a mystery. However if you delve into the back-story of how this band formed you will find that it is, in fact, pretty legendary.

I actually came across these guys while I was a little lost myself, albeit intentional though as I was scouring YouTube looking for some new music. From experience this feat can be both rewarding and also a magnet for procrastination. You start off with a nice band and 5 videos in there’s no escape from puppies and laughing babies galore. In this instance my hat-tip goes to the folks at Wave of Good Noise for introducing me to Lost In Caravaggio’s music, and after a quick search I also came across their Songs In Polaroid EP.

The EP is packed out with four little folk-rock gems that even on first listen I fell in love with. Each different in their own right, all tracks are individually stamped with a flavour of what the band has to offer. While “Another Blue Sky” is quite up-tempo and sprinkled with harmonies and impressive guitar sequences, “Floating Away” is more stripped back and chilled, bringing their vocal talents to the fore as well as introducing guitar chords that linger and echo throughout the track. “Keep On Runnin'” is a personal favourite. When I ramble on about songs having a connection and impressive lyrical content this track is the perfect example of what I mean. Snippets such as “stuck going in circles, swimming in a honey jar” superbly depicts those doubtful evenings when you sit and question where exactly your life is going. “Where The Light Is” grabbed me as soon as it kicked in, and I can guarantee you’ll walk around singing it because it’s right up there on the catchy scale. It also has such a beautiful progression and arrangement that finishes up on a high with the band singing as a whole to see off the EP.

After listening I was so interested in finding out the history of this record, so thought what better way then to ask the band about their experiences and give them the opportunity to introduce themselves to our lovely readers.

So how many of you have we got in Lost In Caravaggio?

Francesco: Andy Lowe on the keys and vocals. Hampus on the acoustic guitar, ukulele and vocals. Nicolai on guitar (he plays all kinds of guitars and ukuleles), and myself on drums and percussion.

Nicolai: Yep and we’re all from four different nations.

Hampus: UK, Denmark, Italy, and Sweden.

And were you friends growing up? Classmates? How did it all come together?

Nicolai: We all met in London Music School back in 2011, where we played together, in some form, in different bands. We then went back to our own countries, but then last year we decided to join forces again and do a roadtrip from London down to Francesco’s place on the country side of Italy… with the goal of writing an EP.


Is there any story behind how you got your name?

Andy: Only a few days after we arrived in Italy we did our first gig, and it was meant to be a ‘warm up’ for us as a band to start things off. We didn’t even have an original song yet so we were just going to play covers to this crowd that had assembled in an outdoor square in the town of Caravaggio. After the gig we were with a few Italian friends and they couldn’t remember where they parked their car. So we were just roaming the streets armed with our instruments and one person said ‘We’re Lost In Caravaggio’. I asked him ‘Did you just come up with that?’ because I thought it sounded like an old film or something, but he said yes he just made it up. So right there and then we took it as our band name!

Nicolai: As well as being the town of our first gig, some of us actually got lost on the way there too, so in a way the name makes sense to us in more ways than one.

Can you give us an insight into some of your experiences in Italy?

Francesco: We met for 3 weeks, and set up a whole mobile studio in my place (the guys brought equipment from London) and began experimenting with sounds and creating music. It was magical. We usually met in the morning to start jamming and give shape to old and new ideas. We all played an important part in composing and writing the Songs in Polaroid EP.

Hampus: The whole project was an adventure. From not seeing each other for a long time, suddenly me, Andy and Niko squeezed into a car on our way to Italy with all the gear we could collect from our home studios and aiming for Franky’s home.

Andy: It was insanely hot on that journey as well. We somehow decided to take a car-train through the mountains of Switzerland. You stayed in the car and it was completely dark, something like you’d expect on a rollercoaster. Was so surreal.

Then at our second gig in Italy we met this guy who used to be a professional photographer, and he did a full filming job of the gig. A few days later he had us doing a photo shoot, and although we had only formed a week earlier I guess we were beginning to feel like a ‘proper’ band. We also went busking once in the central square of Milan, which was an unbelievable location to play. We played for around half an hour, and made about 15 euro.

Andy at the keys

So now that you’ve got Songs In Polaroid created are you now looking to start playing some gigs?

Andy: Yes, the next adventure!

Hampus: We’re planning to tour around Europe, make more music, and play gigs to let people see what we really are.

And finally, I’m heading to Vienna in the next few weeks for Eurovision… which country from Lost In Caravaggio is going to place best?

Andy: Being from the UK, I am fully prepared for us to come last, or in the bottom three (it seems to happen every year). I would like to say that Sweden has the best chance – they are all trained from a young age by ABBA to win Eurovision. But Hampus managed to escape and join Lost In Caravaggio instead.

Nicolai: I guess I’ll have to say Denmark? Otherwise Sweden always do well.

Francesco: I don’t know but I have a feeling Sweden will rock it, they always do don’t they??

Hampus: After going through the songs I can confirm that Sweden have the best chance when compared to the UK and Italy. And unfortunately I don’t think Denmark will qualify… hahaha!

Lost In Caravaggio will be touring LONDON from August 3rd-8th. Venues to be confirmed but these will be announced on their website.

Make sure to check them out on Twitter, drop them a like on Facebook, and of course have a listen to Songs In Polaroid on their Bandcamp

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Written by Nicole Leggett