Proud Honey are a rock n roll/indie band from Glasgow. The four piece group is made up of vocalist and guitarist Stuart Bartwicki, guitarist Hugh Frizell, bassist Oscar Mackay and drummer/ vocalist Euan Sinclair. Their sound is rooted in British guitar music from The Stone Roses, The Verve to The Jam and The Who.

The band’s collective desire is to bring upfront, soulful and emotive guitar based Brit-rock back to the mainstream and anywhere in between. Much of their songs consist of psychedelic excursions (“Fallen Star”) which unmistakably sound like the works of Kasabian, Oasis and The Verve.  Proud Honey are indie rock meshed with pop melodies, yet explosive with heavy overdrive and some surprising underlying darkness creating a tense and emotive atmosphere.

The powerful, guitar-drenched All The Things You’ve Done” offers a pounding beat with sweeping soundscapes. “Your Light Will Shine” is a mellow, bluesy track with dreamlike qualities. The majestic and country-tinged Taranchila shows off some quality bluesy guitar riffs. “One Hello” is a high-powered track full of purpose and energy. Although their songs may be too familiar sounding or non-experimental for some tastes, Proud Honey are a rich band that revitalizes rock traditions without ever seeming less than contemporary.