The Rusbies are a pop punk group of four lads hailing from Sheffield, England. The quintet consists of Nathan (Guitar and Vocals), Luke (Bass and Vocals), Phil (Guitar) and Jake (Drums). The unsigned band formed in October 2013. There’s a lot that has to be said about a group that in a short space of time the lads have developed their sound, produced some memorable tracks and are currently taking bookings for summer 2015. The bands public Facebook account for The Rusbies pokes fun at themselves and their fans, giving the impression that these lads are unashamedly brash and witty, It’s refreshing to see a group not take itself so seriously, especially in an industry where pretension is rife.

Their stand out track is arguably ‘Bedsit’ which occupies the realms between indie and punk, the song jumps between the two genres throughout their music. The track itself is littered with hooks, there’s something special about this song, it feels as though you are listening to the beginning of something special, a group about to break through. The guys have a few ‘rough demos’ on their SoundCloud account, the rough demos ‘Lead The Way’ ‘Is This what My Life’s About’ and ‘None The Wiser’ all have impressive listen counts; There’s no denying The Rusbies have potential. ‘Stop Drop Roll’ opens with breathy Sheffield twanged vocals, as the guitars gradually up tempo in comes the drums and the chorus. This number feels like a Libertines demo at times, but that’s not a bad thing at all. ‘What’s The Point’ is a high energy track, heavy instrumentals with an angry drum beat lend this song some potential to be a stand out track when performed live.

The Rusbies’ sound straddles between influences from the likes The Libertines to Arctic Monkeys. The vocals at times sounding eerily like a young Pete Doherty and sometimes, to a lesser extent, the vocal are reminiscent of Alex Turner, however it could just be the Sheffield accent. The northern lads will undoubtedly find success in the near future, they offer audiences something different, but still familiar. The lads have a But the instrumentals and raw sound feels like a 70’s punk renaissance is on the way.