The Vantage are an Indie/Pop duo, or a ‘rock outfit’, or an alternative group, from Austin, Texas. These labels are not ones I have assigned the group, but ones which appear in the descriptions of three different media sites about the group. While the group could be an indie/pop group, they are most certainly not a rock group, and there are no defining characteristics which would set them apart as an alternative group. Disappointingly there is no in depth information about this group online, certainly none that I could find.

However, this identity crisis doesn’t not only appear online but manifests itself in the music. It is hard to determine exactly what this group is, because there is nothing to set them apart from most other young, enthusiastic two piece bands. As I listen to the intros to a variety of their songs from their YouTube channel, these intros could be from any number of well established bands popular today. Now this unfortunately is a backhanded compliment, as we all know, sounding like everyone else is never a good thing in the industrial machine that commercial music has become.

Now let’s have a look at some tracks from the small selection available on SoundCloud and YouTube. Firstly the stand out one (all things being relative) is certainly On My Way with a catchy shaker and acoustic guitar riff introducing the smooth vocals, this track also features bass guitar, drums and what I am nearly sure is some sort of electric keyboard. So already we have 5 instruments played by this “duo”. What irks me here is that the quality and arrangement of recorded tracks should always be  easily transferable into the live setting. Quite how this group will do that is beyond me, but I hope they have a good stage manager when this comes around.

Released a month ago on SoundCloud, was their new single Place in The Water again the catchy intro motifs draws in the listener, but again I am disappointed by the lack of development throughout this track.

Certainly listen to this band if you are simply looking for some industry standard sounding music, if you want to be blown away by innovative composition or instrumental skill, keep looking.