An Introduction to Bentcousin

Amelia and Pat Innit have the unusual distinction of having been born in two different decades, despite being twins. Amelia sprang into the world moments before midnight on New Year’s Eve 1989, while Pat followed just after January 1st 1990 rang in. Two decades later, the Brighton based siblings allegedly shared a prophetic dream in which industry icon David Bowie foretold their future as a musical duo. Thus, in the year 2011, Bentcousin was born.

Since their inception, the brother/sister double act have released a number of pop compositions, the latest of which is named “Time Will Tell”. This lackadaisical acoustic piece floats along on a simple riff and breezy vocals. It sounds very carefree and unburdened despite the fact that the lyrics deal with subjects of finality and the inevitability of non-existence.

The new track can be found on the duo’s Soundcloud page, along with four more of their efforts.

“The Last One” is another acoustic number, whose instrumentation is more animated and lively, unfolding next to a relaxed melody. “Never” is closer in line to their latest offering, with the guitar being substituted for soft pianos and subtle synths while sharp vocals steal the show. The electronic elements stick around and expand, taking on a psychedelic edge for ambient anthem, “Freak Scene”. “I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You” strips back down, again featuring hushed instrumentation and a pleasant rhythm.

Bentcousin’s material has a lot of potential and is worth sampling, particularly when it comes to its catchy harmonies. The contrast that often exists between the tone of their content and that of its execution also makes for a fun listen. However, their vocal work is definitely their greatest strength.