Bursting onto the scene from Hull in the UK, The Black Delta Movement have conjured up a sound that mixes hard rock with elements of Britpop. The result is a collection of engaging tracks that have been serving the band well. First formed in September of 2010, the troupe have played support to a number of renowned acts, as well having hit the stage all over Britain. They can also proudly claim to have put together a benefit gig for the homeless and have earned the distinction of performing the first ever rock show at Holy Trinity Church in their hometown.

On top of all of that, the ensemble have featured live on BBC Radio and received airplay on KCRW in the US. They’ve also recorded and released four EPs since their inception. You can hear a sampling of tracks plucked from across their discography on Soundcloud.

“MacBeth” blasts off with a biting riff and vigorous vocals. The relentless rhythm charges along, forging an infectious rock anthem infused with a disaffected vibe.

“Sleeping Pill” is steadfast and tenacious, featuring mesmerising instrumentation and a detached harmony. The momentum is kept fast by a forceful execution.

“Hang ‘Em High” unleashes a pounding drum beat amid menacing guitars. There’s a dark and stormy edge that develops out of busy instrumentation which grows to an unapologetically epic conclusion.

A piercing riff begins “Ivory Shakes” at a rapid pace. Coarse vocals burn along refusing to allow the intensity to ease up, resulting in an engrossingly subversive composition.

The band’s latest release – a reinvention of Kim Fowley’s “The Trip” – is a passionately performed retro-pop/rock number that’s loud, lively and full of enthusiasm.

The Black Delta Movement have discovered a riveting style of rock and roll that’s full of life and energy. Their material is heavy, exciting and very melodic. Its raw, biting sound makes for a gripping listen. I would definitely recommend checking these guys out.

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