Carron is the surname of two sisters called Meabh and Mella from the Dublin suburb of Ranelagh. It’s also the banner under which they have chosen to share their wonderfully rousing brand of folk/pop. While they’re still relatively new on the scene, the pair have quickly established themselves as regulars on the live circuit around both their hometown and its neighbouring county, Wicklow.

With the help of guitarist Enda Roche and violinist Darragh McGrath, they have been using their vibrant vocal skills to turn heads at a number of renowned local venues, including The Grand Social, The Bleeding Horse and The Ruby Sessions. Jim Carroll of The Irish Times even recently named them as “ones to watch” within their genre.

Citing influences such as Dixie Chicks, The Corrs and The Cranberries, the siblings have spent the last few months hard at work with producer Denis Kilty putting together a collection of unique and original compositions. They also found the time to unleash their first music video for their song “Numb” back in March.

The track itself begins with a cool and bracing acoustic riff that emits a strong Celtic vibe ahead of a remarkably resonant duet. It stirs the senses as it progresses purposefully, fusing together elements of traditional folk and acoustic pop. The guitars are eventually joined by some affecting strings, while the haunting harmony unfolds smoothly, showing off how perfectly the duo’s voices complement each other.

“Numb” can be found on Soundcloud, along with a mixture of characterful covers and their own enthralling work, including their latest offering, “Heal”.

The latter features a warm and moving introduction that leads into a soft and spirited harmony. The instrumentation continues to build and rest easy on the ears, while the vivid vocals make a powerful impact as they narrate the heartfelt lyrics. The guitars erupt passionately and increase in momentum as the end approaches. They’re joined by poignant strings that unfold behind the final chorus, all of which brings this bracing ballad to a forceful finish.

Carron are certainly off to a promising start with what they’ve produced so far. Their material is given life by some very accomplished vocal and instrumental skills, making for a listening experience that is both pleasant and moving. This is one act that is definitely worth taking the time to investigate.

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