Duende Dogs are a three piece Irish alt-rock ensemble who have borrowed their name from a goblin-like being prevalent in Latin American folklore. Over time, it has also become associated with a form of art known for provoking a wide range of emotional reactions. Given the exhilaratingly ambivalent effect of the band’s style, they have certainly chosen an appropriate title for themselves.

Members Grum Gallagher, Joe Corcoran and James Taylor were no strangers to the music scene when they first began their collaboration. Having played with a multitude of other acts and artists between them, their expertise is very much apparent throughout the material they’re currently putting the finishing touches upon for their forthcoming EP.

The heavy riff that begins “Cannibals” develops an enthralling character as it stomps towards vocals that are rich with expression and attitude. The instrumentation remains relentlessly fast paced and determined, exhibiting particularly awesome instances of guitar work both in the middle and at the end. It’s an incredibly absorbing composition that carries a great sense of defiance as it unfolds.

“Car Crash” explodes into another vivacious riff before toning down for a melody which has an almost sinister quality about it. Erupting back into a raucous chorus, there’s a complex, technical execution to the whole piece that really resonates and lingers in the mind. The ever present unsettling ambience ensures things stay inexplicably compelling.

The wild instrumental introduction of “Deep River” immediately grabs your attention and pulls you in ahead of the jazzy verse. The tempo ups again for the chorus, after which the cutting riff from the start makes a welcome return. There’s a dangerous edge to this vigorous effort that infiltrates the senses and makes a strong impact.

A resolute opening prefaces the distorted harmony that emanates a disaffected, menacing vibe during “Coming in to Land”. Bounding steadily along, its delightfully dark aura features some truly remarkable guitar work that goes down a treat. It’s an unapologetically hectic creation which becomes increasingly progressive at it goes on.

Duende Dogs have developed a near perfect brand of artful and dramatic melodic rock. The above tracks are four tremendously captivating and exciting alternative anthems. The fact that they’re still in the post-production stage only adds to the anticipation for the band’s EP. Based on the material here, it will be utterly essential listening when it hits.

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