Bristol native Hannah MacLeod took to the performing arts at a young age, being an active participant in musical theatre during childhood. It wasn’t until her late teens though that she really began to take an interest in composing her own material, finding inspiration in experiences of heartbreak, anguish and the fundamental feelings inherent in young adulthood.

Despite cultivating her own personal approach to song writing as she matured, MacLeod’s lifelong ambition has always remained the same; asserting that she “never grew out of the phase of wanting to be a popstar.” To that end, she made the move to London in 2013 in the hopes of realising her dreams of a career in music. After working with industry producers and continuing to base her lyrics on matters impacting her life, MacLeod was finally ready to share the fruits of her labour with the world when 2015 began.

Her first single, “Freeze My Heart”, was released on January 22nd. MacLeod’s singing voice is immediately affecting as it drifts gently into an emotional melody, hitting some impressively high notes in the chorus. Her passion for her art is clearly evident throughout the superb vocal delivery, while the solemn instruments add a sense of completion to what is a wonderfully touching song.

MacLeod’s debut sees her achieve her goal of crafting captivating and moving harmonies. It has a soft and accessible sound that should give her a good start on the road to chart success and pop stardom. You can find “Freeze My Heart” on Soundcloud or to keep up to date with the latest news and updates from the singer herself, head over to her Facebook and Twitter pages.

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