Once upon a time JD Allan was a member of Scottish rock ensemble The Blimp, but now he has ventured out on his own to concoct a series of songs that are of more of an alternative pop persuasion. He began 2015 by unleashing “The Wolf” in March, which pounds in via blasts of pummelling percussion and hard-hitting guitars. These integrate well together as they cruise forward to forge a frantic foray that lies between the lines of alt-rock and cinematic scores. Its run-time may be brief, but its incredibly colourful execution exudes plenty of personality, despite its lack of lyrics.

In the months since the above anthem’s arrival, Allan has had his work showcased on the radio both in the UK and Europe, with the BBC even taking notice of his talent in his homeland up north. Blogs and websites all across Britain have endowed his efforts with acclaim, helping to make this year a very prolific period for the Glasgow based musician. All the while, he has continued to write and record new material with producer Bal Cooke at La Chucky Studios in Scotland, which spawned his latest single, “Fall”.

This particular piece builds expectantly into a cool riff on the way to a pleasant and passionate harmony. The mood remains merry through a lively instrumental exhibition at the two minute mark. It’s much more of a straightforward pop/rock affair than its predecessor, bearing an old-school edge that persists throughout. Both the music and melody rest easy on the ears, resulting in a relatively short but stirring undertaking.

Allan has distinguished himself as quite a quirky composer through these two tracks. The fact that each one goes in a different direction demonstrates his range as an artist. He’s an individual capable of crafting catchy compositions that complement one another without falling into the trap of repeating the same formula.

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