American electro-pop pair Lucky and Love have been turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic since arriving on the scene earlier this year. Their debut single, “Sexy”, has managed to infiltrate the airwaves of a number of British radio stations, while also making its presence felt in nations as far afield as Peru and Croatia.

The dynamic duo – made up of musicians Loren Luck and April Love – are currently working on their first full length outing, due to drop in the autumn. As they continue to construct compositions to complete the compilation, they’ve put out a few preview pieces to whet appetites ahead of its arrival.

Their aforementioned inaugural effort taps into an arresting electronic beat which persists behind a high-pitched, hard-hitting harmony. Building steadily as it unfolds, it adds in a plethora of striking synths while maintaining a heavy bass line. The melody stays simple, exhibiting an impudent attitude that helps it become a fun and feisty electro anthem.

“Venus” blasts off upon animated electronics which keep things keen during an energetic harmony. The percussion remains pressing throughout the verse as the synths have an intense impact. It’s more dire and determined than the above endeavour, featuring vocals that echo enthusiastically across the air. This all amounts to another innocuous and avid offering.

“You’ll Never Know” paces forward slowly yet purposefully through an ocean of otherworldly electronics and distant, distorted vocals. It’s a rather haunting venture, the gradual development and dreamy nature of which affords it a strong ethereal edge.

“Mars” erupts into a frenzy of frantic synths and shrill vocals. The quick and quirky instrumental execution sets an initially anxious atmosphere that allows itself to relax and relent for brief periods. The result is an intriguing undertaking, which somehow ends up being equal parts chaotic and comforting.

These tracks definitely do present a tantalising taste of what’s to come. Lucky + Love already have a further six songs named and nearing completion for their upcoming album (release date Jan 1 2016). If they can emulate the easy and exciting electro attributes of those they’ve already unleashed, then it’s sure to be a riveting record. In the meantime, all of the above are available on iTunes.

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