For up and coming Indie artist Rebecca Clements, the future looks very bright. This exceptionally talented singer/songwriter from Bristol in the UK may have only recently shown up on the radar, but already her prodigious style of folk-rock has heads turning and understandably so. Making a name for herself on the live scene, Clements has taken to the stage at the well renowned Reading Festival and has also been garnering a lot of attention from British radio stations. The material she has released so far is extraordinarily affective, stirring up a lot of emotion through its mesmerising execution.

“Love Child” is a true force to be reckoned with. Beginning with piercing vocals and subtle instrumentation, it immediately captivates and builds anticipation. A powerful melody ensures the chorus sounds monumental. The articulately sung lyrics consistently wash over the senses, while the music gradually unfolds, building constantly. It’s very theatrical and grand in scale.

A foreboding riff introduces “Coma Boy” before a heavy harmony takes off. The lyrics are vividly sung, combining with the music to create a portentous tune replete with folk motifs. There’s an incredibly deep and emotional ambience, conveying a sentiment that feels raw and honest. The result is a track that’s strikingly poignant.

“Wildlife” is a hauntingly beautiful composition, once again featuring lyrics that are sincere and expressive. A subtle, mellow musical rhythm echoes in the background, creating a rather reflective air. Vocals that penetrate and linger develop an enthralling melody, giving rise to quite a spiritual atmosphere.

Even at this early juncture, Rebecca Clements has proven herself to be an accomplished composer who can write music that doesn’t just sound good, it sounds like it matters. The work she has released so far is rich with depth, accentuated by an astonishing singing voice. This is an artist who undoubtedly has what it takes to go the distance.

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