Female fronted five piece indie rock act, Urso Polar, first sprang into existence in the Brazilian town of Gramado last year. In addition to playing live shows, the band have also released two singles since their inception. While they’re still newcomers to the scene, the talent demonstrated on these initial releases demonstrates a whole lot of potential.

“Oh My God I’m So Happy Right Now” gets off to a rousing start, placing an emphasis on distorted guitars and cymbals to begin with. It’s not long before a fun and cheerful riff takes over and paves the way for pleasant vocals that are very easy on the ears. A happy, gentle melody breathes life and character into the fast paced chorus. At the same time, a feel good beat unfolds in the background. It’s an innocuous and optimistic affair, all but guaranteed to place a smile upon the listener’s lips.

Another bright and fun riff introduces “Mostly Harmless.” The relaxed and airy instrumentation soon joins forces with warm, upbeat vocals to form a nonchalant, carefree tune. The music builds to a bit of a crescendo in the middle, causing one to nod along almost involuntarily. Drifting by at steady pace, a musical breakdown just before the end puts a stirring cap on the proceedings. The overall vibe is open and friendly, making the song’s title extremely apt.

As a band, Urso Polar are still in their infancy. However, if they can maintain the charming, amiable sound they’ve established with these two tracks, it could lead to big things in their future. The only negative here is that there is not yet more of their music to enjoy. I, for one, am very keen to hear more of their material. These guys are an act to keep an eye on and I definitely recommend giving their first two singles a go.

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