The story of singer/songwriter Isaac Osobukola began on a fateful Christmas morning when he unwrapped what would turn out to be a life changing gift. An Apple iPad under the tree was all it took to kick off a series of events that has seen him quickly achieve the status of rising star within the music industry. Using only the new tablet and a vibrant singing voice, the Nigerian born musician decided to create a collection of covers for online sharing under the alias of IsaacO.

Flash forward half a year and his first original offering, “Hope for the Best”, has been succeeding in garnering quite a lot of attention, including from BBC introducing West Midlands. He’s also become a regular on the Birmingham live scene and won his university’s “UoB’s Got Talent” competition. Not bad for a man who makes his music using apps in his bedroom!

The British based artist describes his debut single as “the song [he] sings in [his] quite moment when overwhelmed by desolate emotion.” It certainly carries a very introspective air as it starts with some simple but stirring percussion ahead of pleasant piano keys. From here, it moves peacefully towards a mellow melody that conveys a lot of feeling, while hitting some strikingly high notes during the opening verse.

A brief and biting instrumental salvo bridges the gap to another affecting volley of vocals. The atmosphere remains soft and serene as it glides gently in the direction of a heartfelt and cutting chorus. The harmony is consistently haunting, with the wide tonal range exhibited by its artist’s voice being particularly impressive. An expressive and poignant breakdown following the three minute mark adds an extra emotional edge before things sail out across a sea of touching musical motifs and vivid vocals.

IsaacO’s first unique undertaking is a contemplative composition whose tranquil tone and soothing singing makes for a very easy and accessible listen. The accomplished execution and polished sound definitely don’t betray the fact that he put it together at home on his iPad.

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