Singer-songwriter Jake Bugg is currently working on his third album, with the help of Beastie Boys’ Mike D.

The 21-year-old shot to fame with his self titled debut album in 2012. His music is described as a blend of Bob Dylan and Arctic Monkeys. Bugg wowed critics with his vivid description of life in Nottingham on tracks such as, ‘Seen It All’ and softer songs like ‘Broken’.

In an interview with the BBC, Jake revealed some details about his latest project. “I’ve been working with Mike D from the Beastie Boys on my new album in L.A. He’s a really cool guy.

“It’s a good idea to bounce ideas off someone and get an opinion. If he says it’s cool, it is cool.”

Not only is the young musician getting input from the NY veteran, Bugg says that Mike D’s been playing him, “unheard Beastie Boys mixtapes.”

He added: “That’s the beauty of making records, you just never know when it’s gonna be ready. I didn’t think this second album’s gonna be as ready as soon as it was but it just so happened.”

Bugg premiered some of his new material late last year. The singer performed an acoustic version of the track ‘Down The Alley’ and ‘Hold On You’.

Watch Jake Bugg play ‘Hold On You’ & ‘Down The Alley’ below.