Having been brought up by a family enamoured with music, English artist James Robb discovered an affinity for singing and songwriting at an early age. This inspired him to venture out onto the live scene in his hometown of Hitchin, which in turn paved the way the way to high profile performances everywhere from Gordon Ramsay restaurants to Ibiza.

His inaugural EP, Sleeping with the Light On, arrived online last year and impressed with songs such as the laid-back but enlivening “Everyday Is Golden”. This tranquil undertaking exhibited a smooth and stirring R’N’B style that’s echoed by his latest single, “Flamethrower”. Produced by Malaysian musician Kuizz, it deals with the trials and tribulations that can arise in a relationship when one person doesn’t care as much as the other.

Gentle instrumentation introduces the track, giving rise to an emotional ambience ahead of a mellow melody. Placid but pressing percussion begins to build in the verse, affording the proceedings a more forceful feel while the vocals slowly increase in passion and poignancy. It all eventually erupts into a cool and compelling chorus that showcases an expressive serenade amid affecting instrumentation.

The tempo tones down again afterwards for another solemn stanza which manages to make a powerful impact despite its subdued style. A salvo of sombre singing enthrals in the third minute before a heartfelt refrain bursts forth to bring things to a touching terminus. The outcome is a very effective mixture of pop and R ‘N’ B that remains moving from commencement to conclusion. Check it out for yourself on iTunes now.

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