Boston based rock singer-songwriter Jase Dillan has been making waves on the International music scene receiving radio airplay in over thirty countries. Her latest offering ‘Lovers + Thieves’ is a captivating six track debut EP. Brutally honest lyrics and endearing vocals draw you in from the get-go with Dillan taking the listener on a personal journey of heartache and strength. One dominant message is echoed throughout the record “Lovers and thieves, they both steal your heart, Lovers and thieves, they tear you apart”.

The singer has experienced her fair share of pain yet instead of drowning her sorrows, bares her soul and pours her energy into her music. She picks up the pieces of her past with vigour and all six tracks reflect the good, the bad and everything in between. The balance of delicate, lofty notes followed by powerful, husky tones portray a brave battle with what life has thrown at her. Everyone can identify with at least one if not all of the songs in some way or another and you can’t help but admire Dillan’s honesty and vulnerability. This is a well-structured EP with lyrics, vocals and music fusing together with ease and an artist who is true to themselves.  With a combination like this, it certainly looks as though Jase Dillan is on the brink of a successful musical career.

Listen – Venom, Don’t Back Down

Skip – Keepin’ The Baby, Sin


‘Lovers and Thieves’ is available for download on iTunes now