German pop/rock ensemble Jenix charged onto their homeland’s music scene back in 2003 and have barely taken a breath since. With upwards of 500 shows under their belts and a back catalogue of awesomely energetic anthems, the foursome have been doing a fine job of building up a loyal and sizable following over the past decade. Paramore’s iconic frontwoman Hayley Williams has even been spotted sporting apparel bearing the band’s name while playing on their native turf. If that’s not an impressive enough endorsement then I don’t know what is.

After enjoing chart success in 2011 with their debut album, Kill the Silence, Jenix threw themselves wholeheartedly into the writing process for its sequel. Their sessions produced an astonishing fifty tracks, eleven of which managed to make the cut for sophomore effort, Circles.

The 2014 released compilation is introduced by the heavy bass line of “Alaska”. Leading into articulately sung lyrics, it soon erupts into a lively and spry chorus. This infectious opener has plenty going on, exuding vast amounts of passion and charisma that continue to be felt throughout the record.

A cool riff and eager beat guide “We Are So Young” towards an assertive melody that has a wonderful punky attitude. It’s followed by the frantic opening of “Love Silent Art”, which features guitar blasts and perturbed vocals ahead of a very melodic and bustling chorus. There’s an urgent, agitated feel to the piece that affords it an engrossingly unique quality.

The affecting melody of “Circles” reassures in its wake, building alongside stalwart guitars and percussion that increase in momentum as they grow. “Did You Ever Wonder?” takes over next via a stirring acoustic riff and forceful vocals. While it’s not as heavy musically, it’s full of fire and spirit, with a fantastically fierce edge that packs a hard punch.

Determined instrumentation begins “40 Days” by racing beside a haunting harmony that hits some strikingly high notes. Exploding into a tidal wave of vigour around the two minute mark, it drenches the senses as it bounds along, making a big impression. The lively rock and roll rhythm of “Mantastic” rises out of it, preceding fast and furious vocals that stomp into a wild and zealous chorus.

“I Told You So” is another aggressive undertaking that adopts a delightfully unapologetic disposition. The raucous beat is wrought with a cheekiness that makes it a blast to listen to. “Your Story” glides out of its aftermath on optimistic piano keys and cheery vocals that adopt a slightly more serious tone as they develop, but maintain a consistently warm ambience.

A bassy verse gets “Sweet Escape” going with an untamed melody that penetrates deep during the riotous chorus. The disaffected, rebellious execution of the whole thing is extremely absorbing. This prefaces the solemn, reserved instrumentation and piercing harmony of “Sorry”. Moving forward gradually, it generates a lot of emotion, serving as a meaningful finale.

Jenix have a marvelous ability to craft material that thrills with its punky, defiant demeanour and captivates with its smooth, irresistible melodies. Circles is loaded with enough discontent and expression to satisfy rock fans, while also carrying plenty of accessibility for the mainstream. Check it out on iTunes now.

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