To be honest, Jenix weren’t a band who were on my radar before I was forwarded a copy of their last album for review a little over two years ago, but what I found upon listening to that record so perfectly embodied my usual preferred style of music, that their material quickly became a regular fixture on my personal playlists and remains so to this day. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that “Did You Ever Wonder?”, “Alaska” and “Sweet Escape” are three of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

It goes without saying then that when the German pop punk ensemble unveiled a new track on Facebook this past Sunday, I was extremely excited to check it out. Bearing the name “Radio”, the alluringly light three and a half minute tune has a soothing summery vibe to it that sucks you in from the instant it’s introduced through a salvo of enticingly soft yet expressive vocals. The refrain remains simultaneously relaxing and rousing during the friendly first verse while the instrumentation grows gradually in vigour and volume in the background.

It all erupts into an infectiously fervent chorus just past the forty second mark before things transition into an even more mesmerising second stanza. There’s an endearingly dancey undertone to the music and melody as they drift gently yet determinedly in the direction of a delightfully laid-back but bracing breakdown at the start of the third minute. This is followed by one last volley of vibrant singing and saguine instrumentation, which ensures the anthem ends as affably as it opened.

There’s really not a bad word I can say about what Jenix have delivered here. Its captivatingly cordial coalescence of characteristically canorous vocals and tremendously cheery music is certain to satisfy established fans while also turning plenty of new heads in the band’s direction. Be sure to scroll down to investigate “Radio” for yourself now.

Jenix: Radio single review

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