Industrious artist Jerry Hull is certainly not someone who’s satisfied with living life at a languid pace. The amount of material he has unleashed in the last year alone puts most other artists to shame when it comes to productivity. Having released two full albums as well as a substantial string of singles since June of 2015, no can accuse the American musician of taking an apathetic approach to composing. Now he’s back again with a brand new ballad named “Beautiful Eyes”.

Opening with poignant pianos, it immediately establishes a soothing sound that absorbs before stirring strings start to sail softly across the calming keys. A spirited serenade steps into the spotlight as the music begins to build bracingly in the background, all of which ensures things stay enthusiastic and enthralling throughout the effective first minute.

The rhythm remains relaxing yet rapid on the way forward, while pleasant percussion provides the proceedings with a lovely laid-back beat. An introspective instrumental sequence just ahead of the midway mark maintains an emotional ambience as the whole thing drifts delicately in the direction of a hushed but heartfelt harmony in the touching third minute. This is followed by a compassionate climactic chorus that keeps captivating as it saunters slowly to a serene stopping point.

Hull has created a characteristically cordial and compelling composition here that displays plenty of power and passion as it develops. With elements of pop, rock and blues all fused into its fabric, “Beautiful Eyes” showcases an accessible style that should go down well with a wide audience.


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