Jessica Johnson Garcia is a singer-songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina. Playing a mix of R&B and pop music, her new single ‘3’ is a soft, yearning affair that will appeal to fans of artists like Alicia Keys.

‘3’ comes across as a story of enlightenment, a positive song despite its minor piano chords and at times solemn vocal delivery. Garcia tells of a time when it felt as though nothing was going right for her, and she was alone, before finding the trigger to change her life in another person. Fittingly here the opening verse sounds dark and melancholy, but builds into an uplifting chorus.

Garcia has a strong voice that calls to mind 90’s R&B singer Toni Braxton. The track has sparse piano-playing over an electronic drum-backing which accentuates her vocal performance. Her voice at times soft and sweet, at others deep and soulful is always the centre of the track. Having not only written and performed this song but also arranged, recorded and produced it, Garcia has shown a talent in both the musical and technical aspects of studio recording.

Overall while there is little wrong with this piece, it did little to stand out for me either. Her brand of pop and R&B is inoffensive and unfortunately for me a little unoriginal. I definitely believe Garcia has a future in music, be it working in the studio, writing, or as an artist in her own right. However if the latter is the case I do feel she has to step up her game and put more grit and power into her performance.