Music has long been the passion of Dublin born artist Jessica Pritzel. Exercising her love of performing both solo and as part of various ensembles since her early years, the singer has partaken in live shows all around Ireland. More recently, Pritzel has been steadily building up her profile, appearing on RTE’s The Voice of Ireland and working on recording her own material for release. Her new single, “Everybody Needs a Little Love”, hit the digital market on January 2nd.

It’s a gentle and emotional piano piece that serves as a perfect showcase for Pritzel’s powerful voice. As the track’s pleasant melody develops, she impresses by hitting some strikingly high notes and demonstrating a wide vocal range. The piano keys are somber and affecting, combining classical motifs with a contemporary pop harmony. The result is a poignant ballad that remains easy on the ears from start to finish.

You can find the video for the single on Pritzel’s Youtube channel, along with the previously released “Bad World”. The latter is another soft and solemn ballad with more of a conventional pop execution. It’s a busier composition musically, featuring a greater amount of instrumental elements at play. Once again, the vocal work is eloquent, encompassing a broad spectrum.

Jessica Pritzel certainly has the potential to make a mark on the music industry. Her expressive and innocuous sound should find favour with a vast audience and set her in the direction of chart success. “Everybody Needs a Little Love” is available for purchase on iTunes now. For further news and updates, check out or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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