For the day that’s in it. Here is a beautifully penned tune by Jessica Smith, an Irish singer/songwriter from Dublin who has shown her support for the Yes Campaign through her music.

‘Marry Me’ is a two-minute song that promotes marriage equality and proclaims all love to be equal in this clever lyric video. The lyrics of the chorus are “May all recognise real love, yours and mine, make all love equal” and it is an acrostic message as the words are abbreviated into ‘MARRY ME’.

Smith has a powerful voice that reminds me of Christina Perri singing ‘Jar of Hearts’. Her voice and her song-writing ability both command and impress. Perhaps you could argue that it is a bit of a gimmick to write a #Yes song for the referendum but what else is music for other than to express our thoughts, emotions and to connect with others?

Dedicating the song and video to her family and friends, Smith also includes the famous quote “be the change you want to see in the world” #VoteYes. Her simple lyric to “make all love equal” says it all. Smith’s song breaks it down and belts out a love song as good as Sam Smith or Christina Perri.

Today is the day that we get to have our say in the marriage referendum. Across the country people are driving home, waiting to catch the bus or the train, even catching a flight back in time to cast their vote. This referendum has awakened the younger generation into becoming advocates for social change and more than ever younger people are making the effort to vote and to become involved and invested in changing the constitution of our country.

For once, rather than going to my parents to ask advice on what way to vote, I find myself sharing my opinion confidently and passionately to vote yes because this is what I believe is the right thing to do. People have always said children are the future, that they will change the world. Well, we are all grown up now and the future is here. Let us lead by example and change the world together. #VoteYes.

We are with you, Jessica Smith.

WATCH the video below!           Twitter @JessAnneSmith